#1 Bestseller The Miracle Effect

How a Miracle Changed the Lives of These Extraordinary Women

"You're in the middle of a miracle."

That is what God spoke to my heart while lying on the pavement after being hit by a car. "Jesus is still in the miracle business!" shares another of the twenty women who reveal the true, short stories of real miracles that took place in their lives. "The Miracle Effect," from FEW International Publications, follows these extraordinary women through the lows of life and highs of an eternal and loving God of mercy and grace. From Cancer remissions, lung transplants, and illnesses, to parenthood, friendships, and marriage, to today's most talked about topics such as PTSD, abortion, and same sex attraction, this collection of soul-enriching stories drives again and again to the heart of a loving God and the miracles He can (and does) still perform in lives today. The collection, inspired by Micah 7:15, which tells us: "...I will show you miracles," will make you cry, laugh, relate, and recognize the Hand of God in everything from the mundane to the...well...miraculous!
Authors include: Heather Taylor, Marlene Mackey Dawson, Paula H. Mayer, Tracy Hennes, Tara Johnson-Brower, Rebecca Grambort, Janet Byrne, Luanne Nelson, Kimberly Joy Krueger, Sue Sherstad, Maureen Hurd, Candice Moe Julie Nowak, Cindy Christofferson, Mary Kay Swittel, Tamara Fink, Mary Markham, Wendy Leppert, Denise Coop. Contributing Editors: Reji Laberje and Marla McKenna.
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